Advisor Spotlight: Greg Neal Akers, Former SVP & CTO of Advanced Security Research & Government at Cisco
Greg Akers Strategic Advisor

Next on our list of Anonomatic advisors we’re highlighting is Greg Neal Akers, former SVP and CTO of Advanced Security Research & Government at Cisco and currently a leading consultant to government affiliated organizations, startups, and large enterprises with security needs. 

Greg’s passion is to look for ways to actualize technology to solve problems because as he puts it, “If you don’t have a solution to a problem, all you’re doing is admiring the problem.” 

This is one of the main reasons Greg became an early advisor to Anonomatic.  He saw that Anonomatic’s PII Vault data privacy solution was solving a problem he faced in the past.  “I spent a lot of time and money in my career trying to do something one time that was very difficult that the PII Vault can do easily on a repeated basis.” 

The thing Greg is most excited about is the fact that a major customer like the LAUSD is already using the PII Vault on a regular basis “because it proves there is viability and usability which is very important to me.”  Greg ended our conversation with “the uniqueness of the PII Vault solution is worth the time, effort and investment to work with Anonomatic to bring this important product to market.”

Thanks Greg.  We look forward to your valuable insights in helping us push out the PII Vault to the marketplace and celebrate even more customer wins! To learn more about how Anonomatic is helping the LAUSD with PII protection, privacy and compliance, click here.



Shannon MGinley