Game-changing PII data privacy technology

PII Vault is a new and simpler approach to data privacy. Whether you need to share identified data, receive identified data, use production data in non-production environments, redact PII from unstructured data or have other needs related to operationalizing identified data, the PII Vault helps solve all of your PII compliance requirements.

Game Changing PII Data Privacy

How PII Vault Works

PII Separation From NonPII Data

Data Separation

The first step in securing personally identifiable information (PII) is to separate PII from non-PII or fact data. Separating PII data into a completely different environment reduces your risk immediately.

Poly Anonymization

Privacy compliance is accomplished through a process called Poly-Anonymization™. Poly-Anonymization involves taking any personal identifying pieces of information (name, gender, address, social security number, etc.)and swapping it out for our Poly-Anonymous Identifier (Poly-Id). This value is unique, inconsistent, unpredictable, has multiple potential values and is not hashed. After data has been Poly-Anonymized, organizations can share the resulting data either internally or externally without the usual risk that would be associated with such activity.

Poly Anonymization for Privacy Compliance
Disparate Data Matching Robust Insights

Disparate Data Matching

Robust insights are more attainable when processing data from multiple or disparate sources. PII Vault matches poly-anonymized data for disparate data matching, allowing you to combine any number of poly-anonymized data sets, at the individual level — without ever receiving any PII.

With a complete view, you can better align your marketing and sales strategies, have access to concrete insights for reporting and analysis and ultimately make substantiated business decisions for higher ROI and business growth.


The PII Vault can also mask all private data in any number of databases with your favorite automation software, our easy-to-use management application, or implemented via our web services in your ETL (extract, transform, load). You control whether the values are consistent or change for every run and every database. This lets you safely use production data in non-production environments.

Poly Pseudonyms Mask Private Data
Redact PII In Unstructured Data

PII Redaction

Unstructured data is everywhere these days and the risks when it contains PII are immeausurable. The PII Vault can redact unstructured data, providing greater PII data security.

API and Docker Container

Data separation, remote anonymization, data matching and masking are all managed through the PII Vault API, making it extensible and easy to use. Even better, the PII Vault is delivered via a simple Docker Container.

This means you can put the PII Vault anywhere, including public or private cloud or on-prem data center. It’s completely up to you.

PIIVault API Docker Container nManagement