Generate Insights and Income

The PII Vault solution solves privacy compliance obligations while accelerating innovation


Deploy PII data privacy securely across teams with a single, easy-to-use solution

  • Reduce Regulatory Risk
  • Build Trust with Customer Base
  • Faster Time to Results
  • Generate Income from Data
  • Build Synergies
  • Reduce cost

Gain Insights by Safely Sharing and Mining Heavily Regulated Data

Organizations in heavily regulated industries can now share or sell their data with third parties for data mining, research or marketing purposes without fear of personally identifiable information (PII) exposure and fines.

The PII Vault separates PII from fact data and anonymizes every profile with our Poly-Anonimization™ technology. This enables organizations to share only anonymous data and data processors to combine any number of poly-anonymized data sets at the individual level with 100% accuracy and 0% risk of PII loss.


Protect Private Data in Non-Production Environments

Ask any developer, QA engineer, marketing campaign developer, or just about anyone, and they will tell you they would much rather design, build and test their solutions with real, production data. Ask any privacy professional and they will tell you production data absolutely cannot be used for these purposes if there is any PII in it.

Poly-Pseudonyms, part of the PII Vault technology, allows the automated replacement of real identifying details with anonymous and non-identifying details, directly into the non-production database, making the entire non-production environment PII-safe.

Protect Private Data NonProduction Environments

Redact PII in Unstructured Data

Privacy protection doesn’t stop at structured data. All kinds of unstructured data, such as emails, documents, free-form database fields, and others can all contain PII which makes them ticking time-bombs for when, not if, problems will occur. Redacting PII from unstructured content reduces, or even eliminates, compliance risk, adhering with state, federal and international laws and regulations. It gives you the ability to learn even more about your customers, or your organization, while ensuring data privacy.

Redact PII In Unstructured Data

What’s Next?

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