Anonomatic Advisor Spotlight: Ron Ricci, Founder & CEO, The Transparency Imperative
Ron Ricci Anonomatic Strategic Advisor

Anonomatic has an excellent roster of advisors, so we wanted to start a series highlighting this A-team. For our first one, we welcome Ron Ricci, founder and CEO of The Transparency Imperative, an organization making it possible to measure the transparency of decision-making in any workplace to hold organizations, leaders, and managers accountable for better engagement with their people and teams. 

A little background on Ron: he is passionate about communication and workplace transparency. Prior to starting The Transparency Imperative, he led Cisco’s centers for customer experience and global demo engineering. As Chief of Staff to CEO John Chambers, Ron helped tell the Cisco story and drive global collaboration across the company. Ron has also authored several business and fiction books.

We recently asked Ron why he agreed to become an advisor to Anonomatic. 

“We haven’t even begun to understand what value could be created for people if we could assure someone of their anonymity, including using anonymous data to solve many of society’s most pressing issues in areas like healthcare delivery and education.” Ron continues “I’m a big believer in Occam’s razor: the simplest solution is always best, which is exactly what Anonomatic has done with the PII Vault.”

Ron believes Anonomatic’s innovative PII Vault could ignite an anonymity revolution and change the world for the better. “It’s not an understatement to say that solving the anonymity requirements will unlock–by many orders of magnitude–more data for analytics and learning than what is available today, even on the public internet. I can’t wait to help!”

Thanks Ron. We look forward to getting the anonymity revolution going with your help.



Shannon MGinley