Make Your App GDPR Compliant with Auth0 & Anonomatic

Do you want to be GDPR compliant with one simple step?

Seem too good to be true?

Seem too easy?

It’s possible!

If you’re going to reduce your costs and time to market by using an Identity-as-a-Service solution like Auth0, why not get to market even faster, save even more money and make your system more secure than your competitors by using PII-as-a-Service?

When you use PII-as-a-Service®, rather than taking the risk of storing PII in your app’s database, where it is an overpriced vulnerability and a target, store it in the highly specialized PII Vault®. Just as Auth0 is tailored to supply your access management needs, PII Vault is custom designed to secure and protect your PII while still allowing you to use your data without loss of functionality. You lose only the risk.

It works like this. When you receive PII, store it in the PII Vault, and when you need it, use selective reidentification to obtain only what is needed for each specific workflow or user. When you need to ask questions of your PII, ask PII Vault without having to retrieve the PII first. All of these actions, and more, are available through our APIs.

The PII Vault/Auth0 integration, available in the Auth0 Marketplace, eliminates the need to store any PII in Auth0. Using this approach, neither your app nor Auth0 ever store any PII. And, since there’s no PII in your app, GDPR compliance becomes a snap. Data Residency, Data Retention and Right to be Forgotten are all fully supported and effortless to implement.

The Anonomatic PII Vault Privacy Suite provides all the data privacy capabilities your system needs. Privacy ETL, Privacy SQL and our latest solution, Privacy AI unlock the power of your data without the overhead and limitations of legacy solutions.   

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Matthew Fleck, Founder & CEO - Anonomatic