Training Your AI with Identified Data Safely

AI is not only the easiest new trend to spell, it is also making the biggest promises and getting the most investment of any new tech, ever.  So, what is keeping it back? The answer is also easy to spell, PII.

The reality is that even with all the potential, all the promises and all the hype, millions of organizations are too scared of PII to fully leverage the benefits AI could bring them.  They are not wrong; they should be scared.

PII being a restricting factor for data science is nothing new. For decades, countless projects encountered months of delays, required complicated legal NDAs, and were burdened with extensive delays, all because of PII.  But guess what. You can’t get an AI to sign an NDA.

The good news is you don’t have to. A new frontier such as AI warrants a new way to look at data. For too long, people have considered all data the same way. Sure, some of it may be encrypted or tokenized but while that allowed people to check a box, it did not solve the problem then and it certainly will not solve the AI problem now.

The reality is that there are two distinct types of personal data. There is the mass of business data; these are the things we count, and which AI learns from and then there is the relatively small number of values which identify the business data. When the two are together, you have trouble. When they are logically and physically separated, then you have freedom to use your data. The challenge is, how to have 100% functional business data value when it has no identifying values?

Anonomatic pioneered PII-as-a-Service® to give you 100% functional business data value when it has no identifying values.

If you want to learn more about how to fully leverage your AI potential and not be afraid of PII in your data, reach out. We would love to show you.



Matthew Fleck, Founder & CEO - Anonomatic