PII Vault API Swagger Documentation

Last updated 01/04/2022

Anonomatic has two services, delivered through Docker containers, which together provide the data de-identification and data masking organizations need to comply with worldwide data privacy obligations while still being able to fully utilize their data. All of the services are provided via APIs which may be used by any solution which confirm to industry standards.

The higher-level API is known as our Passthrough Anonymization container. The Passthrough Container is a scalable extension to the PII Vault. Anonomatic customers may implement any number of Passhthrough containers to extend, control and scale use of PII Vault. Individual Passthrough Containers may be implemented for different departments, divisions, partners or even countries.

The Swagger documentation for our Passthrough Anonymization API may be found here: https://passthrough.anonomatic.com/

Each Passthrough Container is paired with a single PII Vault. The PII Vault is the lower-level API and anything you can do with Passthrough Anonymization you can implement yourself with the PII Vault API, you just have to do a lot more work on your own.

The PII Vault API Swagger page may be found here: https://api.anonomatic.com/index.html