Keeping Data Private from I.T.

Your tech staff doesn’t need to see production data – really, they don’t.

Implementing effective data privacy may seem like a daunting task. Constantly evolving national and international regulations like GDPR and CPRA make keeping up with the rules a heavy burden. At the same time, threats from bad actors are coming from new and harder to protect against directions. Additionally, and just when you need them the most, IT budget tightening puts big constraints on your technical experts while the regulations prevent them from actually being able to see the data.

One of the biggest emerging challenges and limitations we hear more and more about at Anonomatic is the requirement that sensitive and identifying data be kept out of the reach of IT personnel. Only business users, with a validated need to see the data, can see the data. For example, when they say report developers and DBAs are not authorized business users and able to see the data, an entirely new level of complexity is added to the mix. This complexity includes internal NDAs and audits which will eat up budgets and add to timelines. How can the IT guardians of your data guard the data they can’t even access?

This is a huge shift in perspective and the more sophisticated your IT team, the bigger the shift. This is because their approach is typically that with enough time, money and resources, they can build anything the business needs.  What is an unwelcome reality is that effective data privacy cannot be D-I-Y (Do It Yourself).

When anyone in your organization has all the code and keys to your data privacy technology your risk of insider breaches (unintended or not) increases.

The good news is Anonomatic has thought this through. Our patented PII Vault® and Polyanonymization® technologies:

  • Keeps your private data private
  • Eliminates the risk of PII exposure in the event of a breach
  • Allows IT and report developers to do their jobs without compromising privacy

There is a lot behind each of those bullet points and our approach is unique in the marketplace. It takes adapting a new mindset because, unlike almost every other solution out there, Anonomatic does not rely on encryption.  As we like to say:

If encryption could solve data privacy problems, we would not have data privacy problems

Check us out at or better yet, reach out to and learn how we can solve the data privacy problems for both your business users and your I.T.



Matthew Fleck, Founder & CEO - Anonomatic