Data Privacy Experts are Asking the Wrong Question

The core concern of Data Privacy is protecting the privacy of individuals. In the world of electronic data, this always meant enacting manual processes and technical solutions with the intent of limiting who can access data, when that data is allowed to be accessed, and what it can be used for. 

It’s the next step, asking how to achieve these goals, we believe people have always gotten wrong. The question most often asked is:  

“How do I lock down data access to enforce data privacy?” 

Different answers to this question have had two major results.  

First, at the cost of billions, organizations put in massive effort, and generated thousands of expensive and cumbersome solutions, all to silo data. This almost always includes encrypting or tokenizing the data which almost always creates more problems than it solves.  

Second, and more importantly, the opportunity to leverage untold trillions of dollars in data value have been squandered because the data has been locked down.  

At Anonomatic, we discovered that fundamental question above is flawed. What if we instead asked a different question? 

“How do I get all the value I need out of my data when it does not have any identifying details?” 

When we present this question during client meetings, we never hear “No, that’s not what we want”. Instead, they usually tell us “But that’s impossible!” The good news is it’s possible. 

Anonomatic invented a clean, cohesive solution called PII Vault which lets you use your data for everything you need and to do it all without any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in your data. Better yet, you keep all your data under your control and in your own environment. 

Take a moment to consider all the costs and delays which are part of your everyday existence and what happens to those costs if your data contains no PII. You are very likely to get rid of: 

  • Column-level encryption 
  • Tokens 
  • NDAs 
  • Data Access Audit Reports 

The list goes on, and on. As does the list of what you can now do with Anonomatic PII Vault that you could not before. This includes: 

  • Store your data in the cloud (any cloud from any service provider, in any country) 
  • Share, and democratize your data 
  • Find all the hidden insights which are currently off-limits 

Even if you are still skeptical about whether or not this is even possible, the benefits are so overwhelming that you owe it to yourself to at least take a look and discover for yourself what impact asking, and answering, the right question can have. 



Matthew Fleck, Founder & CEO - Anonomatic